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Rat/Rodent control

Stratford Pest Control provides an effective and affordable rat control programme in Stratford upon Avon and surrounding towns and villages.

Why you need to control rats

Rats have become well adapted to living in close association with man, enabling them to survive extremes of environment and climate. They are excellent climbers and can easily squeeze through tiny gaps causing untold damage to food stores, cables and property. Rats and mice, need to gnaw to keep their constantly growing incisor teeth worn down. They can damage woodwork, electric wiring, brickwork, plastic and pipes. Creatures of habit, rats are a real nuisance pest, and are considered a serious public health pest due to their ability to spread disease which is harmful to man.

Rat control

Rats can cause house fires by chewing through electric cabling. Don’t live with a rat infestation – keep you property safe by calling us today on 07552 755 202.

How we control rats

Stratford Pest Control staff are all fully trained in the latest rodent control techniques and treatment methods. Our standard integrated pest management approach to control is led by using specialist professional poisons, designed to quickly establish control. Where possible or at your request we’ll employ the most humane and environmentally friendly methods of control. So if you have a rat or infestation then we’d seriously recommend hiring the services of a professional pest control company such as us.

What we charge and provide:

  • Standard treatment programme from £90
  • Free property/site inspections and surveys – free no obligation quote
  • Rapid same day response
  • 24/7 call out service
  • Discreet service using unmarked vehicles

Please note: prices vary depending on the level of rat infestation and size of building.

Drain Rat Investigation Surveys

We use the latest drain camera equipment and can undertake an extensive drain  inspection to establish if there is a fault or any defects that need fixing which may allow a rat to enter your home. Through our specialist camera we can access every part of your system including connecting and branch lines. As part of this service we will provide a detailed drain inspection survey report which will cover how to solve any faults if found. Once you have this information if the work is minor and can be solved by installing a non-return valve, then Stratford Pest Control can provide this service. If the drain requires extensive work then you can use our survey report to approach drainage contractors. Stratford Pest Control have the knowledge, equipment and solutions to solve you rat infestation problems.

Call us now on 01789 764 433 or 07552 755 202 to discuss and book an affordable and effective rat control treatments.