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Stratford Pest Control provide affordable and effective Black and Pharaoh ant treatments.
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Ant Control

Stratford Pest Control provides effective and affordable treatments for controlling and eradicating ants.

Why you may need to control ants

There are two main types of ant pests we come into contact with throughout the year. These are the black (garden) ant, and the Pharaoh’s ant.

black garden ant

Stratford Pest Control provide affordable and effective black ant treatments.

Black (Garden) Ant:

An active insect, it nests outside in grass and walls and under paving. It will forage widely in search of food, which is how it comes to enter domestic premises. Generally considered as a nuisance pest, they can potentially infest and contaminate food and related items  in your home, making them unsafe for you and your family.

Controlling black (garden) ants:
At Stratford pest control  we use specialise insecticide treatments, which are applied in and around the nests and at specific points such as entry points to buildings, doors, windows, ventilators, ducts and drains. Insecticidal baits may also be used if the infestation requires it.

Pharaoh ant:

Pharaoh ants need for warm humid conditions means that in temperate lands they are confined to buildings.

Pharaoh Ants are a serious problem, so if you infestation contact us today for help.

Pharaoh Ants are a serious problem, so if you infestation contact us today for help.

Infestations can he found in a wide variety of locations including residential blocks, schools, hotels and hospitals to name a few. Usually found indoors they can cause potential health and safety problems. Their nests are located within cavities and fissures and have been known to exceed hundreds of thousands of ants in size.

Controlling pharaoh ants:
It can be very difficult to obtain control of Pharaoh ants as it requires you to destroy the nests which are often located in inaccessible places. We use specialist, professional baits and formulations to control the ants.

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