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Urban Fox control

Fox control from Stratford Pest Control

Foxes causing a problem on your property? Call us now to get them removed.

Stratford Pest Control provides effective urban fox control in Stratford-upon-Avon and surrounding towns and villages.

Why you may need to control foxes

Foxes can be a real nuisance pest, they will damage your lawn, foul on your patio and driveway and breach or damage fencing through digging. At night they cause disturbances with their loud screaming and barking.

Foxes carry and spread disease – foot and mouth; rabies; sarcoptic mange; fleas, and parasitic worms (roundworm/tapeworm). These can be passed on to domestic pets and humans. Foxes have also been known to enter homes in search of food and on the odd occasion attack humans.

How we control foxes

We use a variety of methods of controlling foxes including trapping, fox snaring and shooting. Every fox trapped is then quickly and humanely dispatched.

If you have a fox problem and require a professional, call us now on 01789 764 433 or 07552 755 202.