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As a Full Member of the Basis PROMPT Continuing Professional Development Scheme you can be assured you’re getting a professional, safe and accredited service at an affordable price. Everyone at Stratford Pest Control is highly experienced, qualified to a high standard and are fully insured, so you know you're getting an expert and trusted service.

PROMPT Accredited Member

Commercial Pest Control

Stratford Pest Control provides a professional and affordable commercial pest control services for all types of business and properties including offices, factories, nursing homes, schools, colleges, kitchens, hotels, restaurants, pubs and shops.

Our fully qualified and experienced commercial team provides businesses and organisations with a wide range of pest control treatments and comprehensive pest monitoring prevention services.We work in partnership with all kinds of businesses to develop the most effective solution. Our proactive approach to commercial pest control will give your business maximum protection against a whole range of pests.

What we offer with all out commercial pest control contacts:
We work closely with our customers to provide bespoke and specific pest eradication and monitoring services, including:

Commercial Pest Control

From supermarkets to restaurants and pubs. We have an understanding of your pest control needs, and can secure your business from pests at a very affordable rate.

  • Complete and comprehensive site and risk survey.
  • Consider non-lethal methods of control to provide humane and ethical pest control and ensure you conscience is clear.
  • We work in partnership with you to prevent pests and ensure you have the right control and monitoring tools in place.
  • Regular recommendations at every visit to ensure pest are prevented from affecting your business.
  • Ensure you are legally compliant and meet health and safety requirements.
  • Rodent monitoring prevention programs.
  • Rodent eradication treatments.
  • Insect monitoring prevention programmes.
  • Insect eradication treatments.
  • Electronic fly killer unit servicing.
  • Pest proofing.
  • Environmental management advice.


It’s difficult to give anyone a set price for a commercial contract, as its dependent upon the property size, industry, likelihood of pest infestations, and your requirements in terms of pest coverage and visitation schedule. For all commercial clients we will visit your site/s for free to undertake a comprehensive survey to provide you with the best price.

We understand your needs

Our technicians understand that your business can face risks if pests were to be found or seen on your premises. Therefore you need to ensure your compliant, safe and proactive in tackling pests. As our customer we deliver you a tailor made service to ensure that you have the protection you need within your budget.

Where we cover

Working across Stratford-upon-Avon and the local area, we provide our pest management services to towns and villages throughout West Midlands.

Ensure your pest control is professional, effective, to budget, legal and proactive by contacting us today on 01789 764 433, or email us to find out more.