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Mole control

Stratford Pest Control provides effective mole control solutions in Stratford-upon-Avon and surrounding towns and villages.

Why you need to control moles

We provide professional pest mole control for domestic, agricultural and commercial customers. We deal with small and large scale mole infestations. We combine traditional and modern mole control techniques.

Controlling moles

We use mole trapping, the traditional method of putting break-back mole traps in the mole runs, safely below the surface of the ground. This is a skilled craft and gets the best results. Mole traps kill moles instantly and are a humane method of control.

Mole Control prices

We charge £30 for set up fee, and then an additional £20 per mole caught thereafter until the infestation is under control.

If you have a mole problem and require a professional, call us now on 01789 764433 or 07552 755 202 , or email us on